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Your Personal Positive Health Insurance Plan

Your Positive Health Insurance plan covers the cost of any new medical conditions you may be diagnosed with or suffer after joining with us, so you have peace of mind any necessary treatment will be covered. Your insurance plan will be completely personalised, after talking over your individual or family’s health requirements with one of our friendly experts.

Flexibly tailored to you and your family, you choose from a range of basic options to suit your personal requirements and budget and may enhance your cover when you wish.

Your Health Cover

With PHI’s Personal Health Insurance plans, you are protected with core health cover benefits, onto which you add your preferred enhancements. The standard features of your basic cover include:

Fast track appointments, so you can concentrate on taking care of yourself whilst your Positive Health Insurance representative finds a local specialist for you when you need it most. Personalised support means we focus on booking your medical appointment at a time and location most convenient to you

Enhanced Standard Personal Health Plan

Choose to enhance your individual health insurance plan with an added six week comfort buffer. This means you are covered for any in-patient treatment, day-patient treatment or any surgical procedure if the NHS cannot treat you within six weeks of when treatment should take place. ‘Out-patient options mean you can seek private out-patient consultations, CT, MRI or PET scans and diagnostic tests that don’t involve surgery, regardless of the NHS waiting time.

Cancer Health Cover

Choose between two levels of cancer care coverage:

1. Comprehensive Cancer Cover

Here your health cover includes:

  • Radiotherapy and chemotherapy
  • Surgery
  • Specialist cancer drugs, without time limit.
  • Out-patient consultations with any cancer care specialist
  • Experimental drug treatment, for approved trials.

2. NHS Cancer Support

If you’re having cancer treatment on the NHS and you need a licensed cancer drug which the NHS won’t pay, the chosen health cover may be able to help. Please speak to one of our advisors if you have any questions about insurance cover for cancer care.

Additional Health Options

There are more benefits of choosing additions to your standard or enhanced standard, which your expert Positive Health Insurance broker can tell you about. We tailor your plan to suit you by recommending appropriate options for enhancing your core cover.
Personalise your health plan by choosing from the following:

1. Out-patient Options - two levels available:

  • Standard out-patient includes up to three specialist consultations each year, no yearly limit on specialist referrals for diagnostic tests and practitioner fees.
  • Full out-patient option no yearly limit for specialist consultations, diagnostic tests when your specialist refers you and practitioner fees when your specialist refers you.

2. Therapies

  • No yearly limit on fees for out-patient treatment by physiotherapists, osteopaths or chiropractors when your GP refers you for a maximum of 10 sessions a year.
  • Further sessions when your specialist refers you.

3. Extended Cover Option

  • Fees for treatment will be paid in full at any hospital, day-patient unit, or scanning centre in the UK up to their normal daily rates
  • Charges for treatment received outside of the UK paid up to the cost we would pay for that treatment in the U.K.
  • Specialist fees covered
  • Up to £500 a year for private GP consultations.

4. Dentist and Optician Treatment

  • No yearly limit on fees for out-patient treatment by physiotherapists, osteopaths or chiropractors when your GP refers you for a maximum of 10 sessions a year.
    • 80% cash-back for dental fees, up to £300 a year
    • 80% cash back of the cost of prescribed glasses and contact lenses, up to £140 a year
    • Up to £25 a year for an eye test.

5. Mental Health in-patient or day-patient care

  • No yearly limit on special specialist consultations for psychiatric treatment by psychologists and cognitive behavioural therapists.

6. European and Worldwide Travel Cover Option

  • Towards the cost of emergency medical treatment abroad.

Ways To Save on Insurance Subscriptions:

  • Six week option saves you money and avoids long NHS waiting times if you would otherwise wait for treatment over six weeks.
  • Excess levels from £100. You only pay the first £100 of eligible claims – once per year – for each person covered. Bigger reductions are available.
  • No Claims Discount (NCD) run from 0% to 80%. We explain the level to which you’re entitled, with discounts increasing each year, up to 80% when you don’t claim. There are numerous ways to benefit from this feature of your cover.
  • For further information about saving on your insurances, be sure to ask your advisor.

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Cooling Off Period

You can cancel your plan up to 14 days from the day that your membership contract begins, or the day that you receive the full plan terms and conditions; pay nothing or receive a full refund, as long as you haven’t made a claim within that period.

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