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Why Pay For Private Health Insurance Coverage?

We are very lucky to have a National Health Service in the U.K. that we can call on for health care when we need it, which means we don’t need private health insurance coverage as someone might in e.g. the USA.  Or is this really true? Listening to the news, however, seems to paint a different picture, with a shortage of nurses, junior doctors striking over work conditions, doctors unavailable at weekends and a litany of horror stories emerging from hospitals in what seems like ever-increasing health and social care service crises. 

So despite free treatment on the NHS that often helps many patients through their medical problems without incident, more people are beginning to complain about the short-comings of a system dogged by shortages of resources, experiences of negligence or at the very least a poor level of service. 

This increasingly turbulent picture of our prized NHS is causing more people to worry about the potential ‘what ifs’ of not getting good health care when they most need it.  Unfortunately, obtaining affordable private health insurance coverage still feels like an uncomfortable step for some.  We often either believe we should automatically get the care we need from the NHS, or we would rather spend their money on more pleasant ‘feel good’ things, such as holidays, the kids’ latest must have, or home improvements.

It is understandable that people want to ‘see something’ for their money.  Getting individual or family health insurance quotes do not inspire joy in the same way that shopping for holiday outfits might.  We totally get that! That’s why we chose the name ‘Positive Health Insurance’.  We want to make caring for your potential needs during what can be worrying health problems as satisfying and pleasant as it could possibly be.  We want to help people decide what might be appropriate for their specific circumstances and offer choices to take some of the stress out of difficult life experiences.

Should I Pay For Private Health Insurance?

Private health insurance is not just about peace of mind – important as that is. It has other benefits, such as fast-tracking consultations when time is of the essence, it covers private health care treatment costs for medical issues you want to get over and done with quickly, particularly if medical conditions leave you in pain, daily discomfort or are effecting your quality of life.  Life can be difficult enough without health problems to manage on top of everything else.

What can seem off-putting when you compare health insurance quotes are the ‘exclusions’.  These are those treatments which health insurance plans might not cover, unless you pay for ‘add-ons’.  An example might be long-term kidney dialysis treatment, or conditions such as asthma, pregnancy, special dentistry, mental health treatment, non-essential cosmetic treatments and the limitation that many people find difficult to get past i.e. not allowing for pre-existing medical conditions you may have.  It is always worth checking if there is a health insurance plan which covers some of these standard exclusions as optional extras, however.  Many private medical insurance policies are flexible, so quotes can be tailored to you as an individual, or your family members.

Before making your final decision to pay for private health insurance coverage, think about what your alternatives are, beyond the NHS.  For instance, are there any bank accounts that offer some health cover? Some employers will also offer incentives, such as generous health cover for you and your family members.  Should you want to transfer to a new supplier, ask health insurance brokers if their suppliers allow you to switch private health insurance coverage without losing your perks.

What Are Health Care Cash Plans?

Health care cash plans will cover treatments such as dental work, glasses, contact lenses and physiotherapy, not covered in basic health care plans. This system allows you to pay your monthly premium, then when you need extra medical help you pay for the treatment initially and then claim the cost of it back from your health insurance provider.  Cash plans generally have a limit on how much you can claim each year, so be sure to check options available.

Health insurance brokers are increasingly more equipped to provide flexible and affordable private health insurance coverage options to suit different individual and family budgets.  To talk through which suits you best, call Positive Health Insurance on 0203 869 4900 for a quote or discuss your circumstances.  All calls are strictly in confidence.

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