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Reason behind the importance of Health insurance

Health insurance is a health coverage contract between you and an insurance company. You buy a plan, and the company agrees to pay part of your medical costs when you get sick or in your accident. There are other important benefits of health insurance which we will tell you later. Mainly, Health insurance coverage has some policies or Plans. These plans are available in the Health Insurance Marketplace, provides free preventive care, like vaccines and check-ups. They also cover some costs for prescription drugs. There is large no. of private health firms who give excellent services to their clients and we, Positive Health Insurance, are one of them. The utmost priority of our company is to stand with our clients and their families at any medical issues.

Reason behind the importance of Health insurance

Health insurance provides risk coverage against expenditure caused by any unpredictable medical emergencies. In current times of high medical increase rates, failing to hold plenty amount of health insurance cover can prove to be a major personal finance blow. This could lead to either poor health care because of non-affordability or twisting an individual into financial misery due to high medical bills.

But before you buy plans, first ensure some of points, are given below
There are two common mistakes when it comes to buying life insurance and health insurance.
People don't get insured in proper time
When they realize that it’s getting late, try to over-compensate by buying too much insurance.

So, for your benefit don’t you think that you must get insured at the right time? You definitely have question, why should I buy health plans, should I get benefited or not and many more. So, we give the reasons, let’s check those.

Top 5 things to know of health insurance

1. Different health insurance policies can offer different benefits, and some can limit which doctors, hospitals, or other providers you can use.
 2. You may have to reimburse a deductible each plan year before your insurance company starts to pay for care you get. For example, let’s say your deductible is £200. You have a £1,250 emergency room visit. You pay the first £200 to cover the deductible, and then your insurance starts to pay its share. 
3. You may have to pay co-insurance when you get a medical service, like a doctor visit, hospital outpatient visit, or a prescription. Co-insurance is usually a percentage amount (for example, 20% of the total cost). It is usually a fixed amount.
4. Health insurance plans contract with networks of hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, and health care providers. Depending on the type of policy you buy, your plan might only pay for your care when you get it from a provider in the plan’s system, or you may have to pay a better share of the bill. 
5. Starting in 2016, most people are required by law to have health insurance, or pay a fee with their income tax return.

We also have an upper age limit for the policies which means he or she would have limited options after his or her retirement. So, they can enjoy the benefits of our cumulative bonus, by renewing the policies without any claims. 


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