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How To Choose Between Private Health Insurance Policies

Private health insurance can seem like somewhat of a boring subject until the time comes when a health problem starts to interfere in your daily life at which point, you may wish you had looked into getting cover sooner.  We all want to maintain a good quality of life and health insurance coverage can help you make your way through a medical condition with relative ease and obtain treatment quickly to set you back on track sooner rather than later.

Medical health insurance is a complex area and off-putting for people because of this.  Many people fear being ripped off or paying for something they may never use.  Whilst these are fair concerns, it also pays to have a deeper understanding of the different types of private health insurance in order to really appreciate why it is worth paying for.

Essentially, health insurance can be divided into two types:  ‘fully underwritten’ health insurance and ‘moratorium’ insurance.  Obviously, the more comprehensive health cover you want, the more information your insurance broker will want from you.  This is the fully underwritten health insurance option, which requires disclosure of your full medical history.

A ‘moratorium’ health plan, however, means you only have to give quite limited information on your personal medical history to your insurance broker or provider.

For complete peace of mind, you may prefer a fully underwritten policy, which will be more comprehensive, with wider service provision.   Of course, this will also be more expensive.  A moratorium policy, on the other hand, will be more affordable health insurance if you are on a budget.  Because it is cheaper, however, it will have more exclusions on some pre-existing conditions.

Some health insurance companies also offer specialist policies, so there are generally health care plans to suit everyone.   Some plans offer cover purely for when you have to wait longer than six weeks for NHS treatment.  For some conditions, this can be intolerable, particularly for those with a busy lifestyle.  Some health insurance policies are designed specifically for the over-55’s, or they may purely focus on one medical condition, such as cancer care plans. Critical illness cover for specific serious conditions is another alternative.

Given the vast array of circumstances families, businesses and individuals find themselves in, insurance policies are becoming much more flexible and tailored to needs of customers.  Health insurance customers can choose from a ‘pick and mix’ range of options.  These ‘modular’ health insurance plans are increasingly the norm, giving the customer greater control over the providers.

Whilst most packages offer basic in-patient or out-patient treatments, treatments such as specialist dental surgery, spectacles, mental health care, complementary therapies and more can be added on to suit.  This allows customers to scale up or down, depending upon their changing circumstances. 

Healthcare cash-plans are also now an option for customers wanting some measure of financial security should they require expensive treatments.  Cash plan customers pay a monthly fee, then later claim back the cost of some treatments.  

Whatever your circumstances, what counts is that you have peace of mind and your particular health care plan is affordable.  Seeking sound, independent advice when obtaining private health insurance is always recommended.


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