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Finding Affordable Health Insurance To Suit You

People have different attitudes to obtaining personal health insurance. For some of us, the obvious benefits outweigh the cost of health insurance, but ensuring it fits your budget and particular circumstances is the mark of quality health insurance brokers.  We understand that for some private health insurance plans can feel like an ‘unaffordable luxury’, or just ‘nice to have’, but the key is to find a broker who offer you a tailored service, by talking through your circumstances and help you identify ways to keep costs to a minimum, if that is what you choose.

In an ideal world, the question “Do I need health insurance?” simply would not be an issue.  However, given that we are likely to suffer from one condition or another at some point in our lives, the question becomes “Am I happy with NHS treatment?

If you're not happy with the available NHS treatment, private health insurance or health care cash plans offer the peace of mind of knowing that should the worst happen, you won’t have to wait too long for treatment, or obtain health services that add to suffering from an already unpleasant medical condition because they are just impersonal, or downright negligent.  Let’s be honest, medical professionals often do a great job in often trying circumstances, but sometimes patients fall through the cracks and can end up in a revolving door to treatment rooms.

Setting up private health insurance coverage only need be a ‘one-off’ health history assessment, which means you can relax a bit more should the health crisis ever happen.  Cash plans involve paying a monthly premium which you can then claim back for basic treatments.  It is worth discussing which type of cover is more appropriate for your circumstances with a broker.

What If I Already Have a Health Condition?

Private health insurance is easier if you have no pre-existing health conditions, without a doubt. Health insurance plans often exclude pre-existing medical conditions, because they prioritise covering particular conditions that respond quickly to treatment.   A good insurance broker will talk through exclusions to your policy, so that you can decide if these are significant or not.  For instance, if you have chronic asthma and ever require hospitalisation, unless there is a specific policy add-on available from your provider, you will be treated by the NHS.

Exclusions do not mean that obtaining private health insurance is not suitable because you have a pre-existing condition specifically not covered by particular providers, it might just mean your broker will have to look around at alternatives to get the cover you need.  Be sure to tell health insurance brokers the truth about your particular circumstances so far as you understand your condition at the time of obtaining your quote.

Get Reliable Insurance Advice

Comparing private health insurance plans can seem over-whelming, because it is so complex and time-consuming, to say nothing of feeling like a gloomy subject.  Finding health insurance brokers who provide reliable advice and care about giving you good value for money is unnerving and can be a job to be put off until tomorrow, especially if you do already have medical problems or need specialist treatments.

To find a reliable broker, you can do a search for medical insurance experts via the Association of Medical Insurers and Intermediaries (AMII) to cross check any providers you come across on comparison sites.  Product comparison sites are often the starting point when obtaining quotes, if you are concerned about the cost of health insurance.

Flexible Policy Options Make For Affordable Health Insurance

After discussing options with your broker and you are confident of having chosen the right health insurance plan, you can then really drill down to assessing costs by looking at the individual costs of modular ‘add-ons’ and tailor the cover to your budget.

Health insurance providers will generally give you a choice of hospitals; costs may vary with the size of lists provided.

Your policy excess is another consideration.  Contributing more to treatment costs yourself will reduce your premiums.  By the same token, be realistic about being able to pay the excess.

Obtaining treatment on the NHS, despite this being covered in your plan also means you could benefit from a no-claims discount.  Prioritising cover for major medical treatment only means you save more in the long run.

Modular insurance policies offer affordable health insurance costs. Ask about basic cover with optional extras which allows you to really personalise your health coverage.

Switching Health Insurance Providers

Switching health insurance providers does not always bring you savings.  Over time, you can build up stronger terms and conditions during the life of your existing policy.  You can lose benefits with a new provider, such as having developed medical conditions which then become ‘pre-existing conditions’ which are excluded under a new policy.

Similarly, getting older increases your health risks according to your insurer, which means your premiums rise accordingly, making finding affordable health insurance trickier.

Speak to brokers about potentially losing benefits if you switch to make an informed decision.

Healthy is Wealthier

Some insurer providers, such as Vitality Health offer discounts for customers who stay healthy. The benefits of keeping healthy are not just about your daily sense of well-being, it can mean up to £100 cash back!

Take The Time To Understand PolicyTerms

We understand that taking the time to understand the T’s and C’s of your health insurance policy can seem tedious, but that extra hour when setting up your cover will be time well spent come your hour of need.  Remember this is about you and your family’s well-being and happiness, as much as medical treatment.  You wouldn’t choose the first holiday destination you saw would you, so why treat health coverage any different?

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